Egypt - The land of myths and Gods

Known as the biggest civilization in Africa, ancient Egypt is one of the most common topics when talking about traveling and exploring. You will have a chance to visit the pyramid relics, go explore the Nile river, the biggest river system in the world and many fascinating activities.

Travelers also get unforgettable memories about Egypt's lifestyle. In this wonderful country, you can see the traditional Egyptian style which can be associated with the ancient Egypt empire. And get ready - you are about to enter the mythic world.

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Egypt top places

Cairo capital city

Cairo capital city

The capital city of Egypt is an ideal place for people who love history because it still has classic features of the ancient Egypt civilization in almost every corner of this city.

Red sea coast

Red sea coast

The best part of Egypt's sea coast is here. This place is rounded up by many resorts, restaurants. Moreover, the water here is crystal clear and has the prettiest coral.

Nile river

Nile river

An iconic place of Africa where life began thousands years ago. It is now a main water source for all of Egypt. You can explore this river by felucca and sightseeing.

Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza

Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza

Another iconic place of Egypt is the pyramid. There are over 130 pyramids to be found so far and the biggest one is Giza, known as “Cheops pyramid”, 1 of 7 world heritages.

Egypt unique points

In Egypt, you will see some unique points in this country
that cannot be forgotten:

Egypt unique points

The Nile river is the source of life, but you shall not swim in it because there are many guests you do not want to see… A Nile Crocodile species. Huge, powerful and always hungry, those friends are not so friendly at all!


Egypt unique points

Egyptian pyramids are one of the most enormous secrets of this world because those are made from square stones, each stone is 2,5 to 10 tons in weight. How to arrange these giant cubes? Is there any help from supernatural forces?


Egypt unique points

Egypt is a rare place which has sunlight year round and 2 totally different seasons. There are 2 most ideal periods of time to visit Egypt, from March to June and from September to October because the weather is cool and not much moist.


Egypt unique points

Alexandria looks like a city in Europe because it is inspired by Mediterranean architecture, where European and Egyptian cultures and architecture are interfered with, and the food there is mostly fusion food.


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